Routine but Tedious Travails in a Mumbai Local Train: Adventure or human devaluation?!

As I was struggling to make my way through the gushing, mad swarm of people, that had alighted the train, scampering and stampeding through the morass of indiscipline hooliganism, now trying to force through a jammed vortex of people, thwarting, pushing and plunging insanely towards the narrow staircase of the connecting bridge to other platforms & Mumbai local lines, each passenger & commuter, trying to get released and move towards the next path of their journeys! Mostly women start cribbing or stay in the waiting, patiently, to avoid the unruly pranks of the opportunistic mob, but no sooner some space is created, just when you think “now is the time to cross the bridge resistance free”, another train enters to a halt, impatient passengers stuffed on either sides, trying to make way to their owns destinations!!! Many a time, men land up fist fighting, some one’s ego gets awakened in between and betwixt the jungle rule, or at another the one’s descending the staircases get dashed in with those forcing to ascend!!! Funny, if we expand this scenario to larger scape of life that exactly how travellers in time are!!!!

My daily journey doesn’t end here, neither does it start here! The first pang of ache is felt, no sooner I await the train at my boarding junction where all ladies in all their coquetries and decent attires, are poised to jump into the 1st class door, long before even the train is expected, and then jam and fight each other, with all their brawns & muscles & fats, pushing through every woman who’s ready to proceed before them.  And this, despite the compartment being empty, waiting in all its expanse with open arms, ready to accommodate all the ladies that are recklessly ready to nail each other lest they miss out on something…….something!!!!! But well, anxiety has become the pulse of the population here…..anxiety to be unable to catch the train on time, anxiety to be unable to get a seat while in transit in trains, anxiety to get down the train……

No sooner the train enters and halts at a station, people all poised to alight, jump and be the heroic 1st to have been able to land on the platform even before the train has halted completely!!! Those alighting are attacked by hordes of impatient, insensitive, ladies prepared to board! A tug of war can be perceived for a brief second; a bag stuck in the crowd, a woman being spindled off her path, jamming the entrance and exit with equal pressure & spooling from either sides! Pressure mounts with not a single outlet or advancement of a person, gradually a kinetic energy that absurdly gets stuck into a speedy surge into potential energy keeps escalating, and you feel like a pack of atoms & molecules all jammed together unable to move due to lack of Absolute space, mainly as all of them trying to get in 1st, block, push, and tread the rest! Suddenly one of the most powerful atom of the lot, colliding, one wall to another, kicking and bumping on another, leading to a sudden swooshing of myriads of atoms, finally holding a ground somewhere, in helter-skelter directions, with rebounding velocity, across the open compartment, trying to settle somewhere, whichever space that’s available, or if they manage to have some luxury, take a comfortable space; from the 1st in line of attack (boarding) or defence (alighting) making way. The settling effect too at times can be un-nerving, ladies thudding, pushing, deceiving, and belligerent with other ladies, to get that “one seat” and finally settling down!!! This I call as the mob dynamics in a local train!!

Once I had seen a co-traveller fall off and come under the stampede of fellow travellers, no one had offered their hands or picked her up until they got their respective seats, or had settled in their compartment; following which, after a brief sigh of relief, the ladies suddenly became aware of the co traveller’s fall and playing the good Samaritan finally asked “whether she was alright”! Until then, each of them were absolutely immune, and in a scurry flurry race to get a seat, whereupon their primal instincts had superseded the humane concern for a fellow being!! This I call the psyche or the “mob mentality”!

This is a tryst, day in and day out; and an ordeal to go through, the enemies being the ladies themselves! Mind you, I am citing an example and a scenario of ladies compartment, but this is worse in men’s compartment!! Fist fights, verbal bravados & hooting and hooliganism in the garb of decency is a common sight and expectation every day!

And amongst these fellow traveller beings, making a respectable way through the throngs, is an impossible task indeed! Men entering the entrance of the stairs from left side, women waiting patiently till their turn comes, some brave folks who think they are leading the mob, shout, hoot or motivate others or just merely push through!! Some men take advantage of the crowd and may pinch the bun of woman, and there follows an irate ranting and swearing from the woman!!!

The feeling while getting through this crowd for sure is not nice, it makes a human being devaluated! The people who push and kick and behave aggressive are all common folks, some in business attire, some others are god fearing, some are opportunists and some others are devils in disguise!!! It’s a sickening feeling to know that although the same woman who doesn’t care to stamp another woman in the pursuit of a seat, later as she is settled reads a bible, or Hanuman chalisa or a Ramayana brief. Strange to know the dynamics of this mob, literate folks, claim to be educated, behaving like animals, the scene turns suddenly into a war zone or a jungle rule of Darwin on Survival of the fittest!

Strange to know that every human being has now learnt to ‘devalue’ themselves while travelling in these locals of Mumbai by allowing themselves to be pushed, pinched, caught in a vortex of aggressiveness, indiscipline and disregard! Discipline and respect are amiss somewhere, to neighbours or fellow humans or to oneself! People have become immune to verbal combats but on an extreme some others have become used to spitting out spite at even a mere “excuse me” or a poke! These are dead people who vent out their frustrations at each other, or themselves or at their friends, neighbours, work peers, and anyone that crosses their path for that matter!!! No sooner they come off this frazzle, they brush off the devaluation and get back to their daily routines or rather their facades!

What is it that stops people in being more sensitive and caring in a mob situation? Why does it get worse? When we are solo and our visibility is stark for all to see, we use the best of our images for people to see and best of our mannerisms and etiquettes!!! But no sooner, one becomes unknown and sunk into the crowd of the face known but as “mob”, that same person gets swooped and swooned into the force & speech of the mob!!!

The bigger question that I pose here is, whether should we create respect, discipline and sensitivity in a society by eliminating the mob mentality, or should we live within the mob and create a conscious effort to be mindful of the person just next to us!!!! Part of the problem has evolved due to lack of spaces and travel comforts, but try taking a closer peak at some other multitudinous facets and aspects of “human devaluations” in our daily lives- female feticide, gang rape and rape, child abuse and child labor, selling a child for 5000 INR or an organ for 5000 INR, manipulations and the greed!!! It would not be wrong here to say that actually, and technically, and even psychologically for that matter that “human devaluations have stemmed from blatant greed” – nothing but GREED!

You and I and We – Parts of The whole (Cosmos)!!

Carl Sagan said that “We are made of star stuff”, he wasn’t far from the truth, perhaps!!!There is a grain of truth in the age old beliefs probably, rather I have a scientific rationale to it;…..very much like the concept of ‘Avatar’ movie, where men kind are connected with the intricate vastness of the soul of the trees, the Nature -its natural surroundings, stars, the cosmos & the entire universe; all are interlinked and intertwined!!!

When we are broken down, we are but cells. At a cellular level, each of these cells possess ‘ENERGY’- in the form of electronic charges (atomic or molecular level). We might be polarities (anionic or cat-ionic, or positrons)-typically each based on individual person’s operating system within, or we might be polarities across varied species of ‘masses’ carrying different grades of energy, at different time points! We are a constant mass of  potential & kinetic energies within our physical being…..

Many a time I am sure, quite a few of you would have felt sudden magnetic force passing through us, as we move past someone at an electrifying speed, maybe even with an absolute stranger; in either a parallel or an absolute opposite direction! They potentially could be the biochemical energies within our body, cellularly-reacting or creating a friction, converting from potential to kinetic motion whilst running, walking, or even conversing, merely gazing, smiling, loving, despising or just being irate!!! One form of energy getting converted into another form, and everything passes, gets transferred or transformed….but never gets diffused!

ENERGY never dies, as we shake hands, smile or converse, we are exchanging energy forms. In Forensic medicine, we use a principle known as “Locard’s principle of Exchange”, which states “Every contact leaves a trace”.  Dr. Edmond Locard speculated that every time you make contact with another person, place, or thing, it results in an exchange of physical materials. He believed that no matter where a person goes or does, by coming into contact with things, they can leave all sorts of evidences, including DNA, fingerprints, footprints, hair, skin cells, blood, fibers and more. At the same time, they will also take something away from the site, with them. It would be pertinent enough to state then, that we actually “Give & Take” a piece of each other in ‘some form’ of energy, physical matter, as indicated above or objects or merely energies….’thoughts, ideas, ideologies, principles, negatives & positives’, everything……the amount of receptivity, really would depend on a persona, their energy form, their resistance or inhibitions & their spirit of freedom!

So do we create an impact on each other? Yes, we do! Each of us have but one DNA, that one unique stereotype fingerprint, unique furrows & grooves of our lips known as cheilography; unique iris that cannot be replicated, and hence used as an individual identifier in high security organizations! We can feel energy since our bodies are charged with a ‘unique DNA code’, ultra-specific to each individual; & each individual perceives and interprets that code differently based on their sensory-neural & motor receptors! You might have heard of auras…. You can actually get to see your aura under infrared waves’ photography, each being different from the other!

We’ve heard of concepts like “love at first sight” (energies just clicked) or “Wow, what was that?!” or “Who was that?!”-effect on us. Some leave us breathless while others just pass  right through and through, under our nose!!!! Energies who create an impact are our “attractors”, I would call them the “positive opposites”; whilst energies who repel us are the “negative polarities”, others who make no impact are “dissimilar similarities”, not really important to us, maybe a “stable molecule” as compared to our ‘cohesive-adhesive ionic charges’ within us!!! Some befit us physiognomy wise (anatomical fitments) while some are ionic or energy fitments; and each of us striving to become a “stable” (secure) atom while managing the daily energy dynamics of the living!! Stability, maybe a soul mate, stability maybe a similar philosophy that keeps one happy within and satiated, stability maybe attainment of solitude and peace; themes, goals and ideologies….although differing across every single human being, they have to meet & mingle, without which the impact & energy is non-transferred!

And yet, coming out of our physiognomic dimensions of existence,  the classified “cellular energy levels”, we actually get sucked in the vortex of the universe, become a part of the whole (cosmos) electromagnetic energy forms of this ecosystem, we become the actual electro-kinetic-magnetic forces (cells) interacting with each other at a phenomenal speed in this unfathomable vastness of the universe in space & time!

Our energies never die, even after our deaths, they are merely transmitted from one form of energy to another! Remember the “theory of transference of energy”, Albert Einstein’s ‘theory of relativity’ in physics?! ‘E = mc2’, is a famous equation based on his theory of special relativity which states, ‘increased relativistic mass (m) of a body comes from the energy of motion of the body—that is, its kinetic energy (E)—divided by the speed of light squared (c2)’. This equation expresses the fact that ‘mass’ (the human body) and ‘energy’ (human manifestations) are similar entities, changing from one form to another. Hence, when we die, energy is neither destroyed nor created, but merely transferred from one mass to another!!

Personally, I have felt the energy of the lightning pass through me once, thunder and lightning happening outside my house, as I was doing the dishes under a running tap water, my fingers wet under the flowing tap water…..
In Indian world of superstitions, ancient people used to name some people as (Vijaru) meaning – a person who attracts lightning!! My mom oftenly teased me with such folklores, as per which, she claims me being a breech presentation (rump coming first) at birth instead of the normal vertex (head presentation) of babies at delivery!!! I can defy this superstition as I am a scientific soul, and am sure you too might have by now started to smirk and mock on such inanities!!! But the truth remains, we are “electrochemical” entities, (energies) contained in a vehicle known as “bodies” (matter) that are under the influence of not only the gravitational forces ( of cohesion-adhesion) but also the electromagnetic influences of the ecosystem–get off this space, check what happens in zero gravity!!!

With time, as are modernized & computerized; we got analytical and self-absorbed in non-earthly, materialistic things! We’ve become less mindful, lesser attuned to our feelings, our core being, our core operating system and our natural precincts!!! NATURE, that nurtures & gets us closer to ourselves- the twittering of the birds has become the “twitter”, exploring nature & being in touch with its roots has always been a medium of human evolution, responsible in making our 5 key senses alert and attuned. But ‘being with nature’ is getting limited, as we are hooked to idiot boxes & compurters that control our minds! We cry with the soap opera actresses, and the characters become our next door neighbors! Social gatherings and communions got converted into social networking sites like “Facebook”! We don’t have time even to feel our own breaths, our pain, our love, and angst of another fellow being, we have become immune to all emotions, hijacked by the electronic media, managing world full of stress, running towards an illusory never ending dream, moving farther from the “living of life”, left huddled in a mere cat and a rat race!

Although, I defy the thought that I am “Vijaru”, I propound the concept that when we are not in tune with ourselves and nature, we start building up energies within us-energies, that are not released! Too much of energies when built within us,  unshared within our support systems, biochemical imbalances occur within our body, creating ionic (electrolyte) imbalances that are the harbinger of diseases!!! Each of us “have” to, “HAVE” to, release this energy in order to keep moving in this world, to continue being healthy, sharing & caring, being a human, propelling humanity (benevolent harmonious energy) forward in time & space!

I am a water element by birth – I should moisten the rockiness (if the other human I am interacting with is an earth element), I should flow & channelize another brook or stream (another water element), or maybe gel in and slow down the furore of an ocean! Or maybe meet the aridness of a desert land (earth element) and create a haven where life will frolic, or meet the winds and the breezes (air elements), or bring down the walloping flames of a fire element, or just keep it soothing flame to keep us warm in chilly weathers!! We all human beings, including the earth, the air, the water, the fire & the universe (don’t know the 5th element, could be anything) are critical factors towards sustaining the earth!

When people ask “Why me?” There isn’t a right or a wrong answer on why we meet the people we meet, or why do we fail the way we fail, or why do we succeed the way we succeed! Well, it just so happened that we cross our paths, and directly or indirectly our energies or rather our polarities jingle and clink! If not I, maybe someone else, each traveller in this space and time, transmits & receives something from the people we keep meeting & parting in this long journey called LIFE! If not I, someone else might have transferred by!

But one thing I am dead sure, if we do not operate in our natural self, in our natural surroundings, we build stress within. Stress to me is building up of physical-electro-bio-chemical imbalances in our system (affecting the immunity system), creating polarities or imbalances within, manifested in the form of aggression, anger, depression, etc. (the negative energies).

We must, or rather ‘HAVE’ to, channelize each energy within ourselves into positive energies (love, compassion, forgiveness, helping people, friendship, loyalty, providing security, etc.).  All of this goodness, in return pumps the fuel of our life force-ever so flowing, both within and without; “without” mainly would be attuned in melody our ecosystem, creating peace & harmony within ourselves. This kicks off the daily engine, surging & maintaining the spring of hormones in our body, the fountain of ”fight or flight response” of our actions, that eventually gear & build up our motivators, and finally our core personas. “The right way”, the balanced or a perfectly harmonious way! If not, then diseases occur; if yes, then we actually can heal ourselves and another being (maybe like Jesus Christ did, or Mohammad did, or Buddha did; we know them by the name of “alternative medicines” like Reiki or the acupressure).

Life is a matter of choices (even choices are energies), nothing is wrong or right, everything (Both good and the bad, right & the wrong) are needed to maintain the natural balance of the universe! So, it would not be wrong to say that “the life I’ve led was not a choice but merely my responses to adversities, within me and without me!!!” My reactions based on choices (based on time, space, person, and circumstances) were and would be inevitable! We keep flowing and living life as it comes, one step at a time…

Maybe I too might contain a tremendous pool of energy that needed channelization in some way, somewhere, among the masses here; one of you might soak it in, like a symbiotic system; the excesses of my energy that took shape and form, transmitted in here through this write up! Some might just seep in the excesses of my energy to stabilize their vacuums so as to facilitate a fair balance….who knows….
But Yeh, I, the life, and the living, we all are part of one, and one of all…one big bang universe!!!!